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The tmg transition management group provides management and project resources in each major country to meet short and medium term needs.

tmg transition management group is a joint venture bringing together the most experienced and independent national companies operating in the field of transition and interim management. The group was set up in 1994. Each of the companies within the tmg is renowned for its professionalism. This ensures that tmg's high standards are maintained throughout and that clients will enjoy the same quality of service in all countries. tmg's mission is to serve companies active within the international market.


tmg companies are in Austria, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and USA


tmg Interim management survey 2015 - executives

The tmg transition management group has carried out a survey on interim management in autumn, 2015. We interviewed executives from different sectors of the economy and public administration. We wanted to see:

• How widespread is interim management as a recognized method of problem solving?
• What interim managers are used?
• How to evaluate the future of interim management?

We also wanted to know whether the answers depending on country differ.


72% of respondents are familiar with Interim Management (IM). Since different legislations on temporary work and Interim management exist in the various countries of tmg members, this type of work is also widely different. Interim Management is the least known in Spain. There only 57% are familiar with IM. Big Regional variations arose in the question whether one has worked with Interim Managers. Austria is here with 40% the rear, Switzerland with 66% and France with 74% the Leader. Here are the legal requirements to be mentioned as a decisive factor.

Also the field of application of interim managers is different depending on the country. An important application is, however, in all countries, the project management. It appears
therefore, that more interim managers are obliged to temporary project assignments in addition to the substitution. General management and finance considered the main applications.
Nearly half of the respondents intend to work with a Intterim Manager either at national or international levels in the next year.  The reasons for not working with Interim Management solutions are that there is only a temorary relationship between the Company and the Interim Manager,  high costs and missing own knowledge for Interim Management.

More than half of all respondents would recommend IM but as a possible approach to a complex problem a colleague.

Find out more about our survey an see the results in detail!

tmg interim management survey 2014 - interim managers

tmg interim manager survey troughout Europe


We wanted to know more! In the summer of 2014, we have surveyed some 2,000 interim managers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. We wanted to know how they come to their inquiries, what positions do they hold, what tasks are to be solved and much more.